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Amazing Smiles

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Lisa & Calah

There are no words that could express the gratitude that I feel for your office. You far exceeded my hope and expectation for my daughter and the trial she endured for at least five years. When she was diagnosed with severe TMD (she was actually told she was a special case), we went through many suggestions as to how we should proceed to help get rid of her severe pain and headaches; from removing part of her back upper jaw to removing front teeth-we heard it all. The recommended surgeon was biting at the bit to get things started. You can imagine the emotions Calah had to deal with and stress she was under with all those thoughts; thank God for second and third opinions. Through some research we found Dr. Doolin of Rochester Cosmetic Dentistry. We worked with him for a few procedures but he felt it was necessary to start first with the orthodontic route to see in that way if the problem could be solved. That appointment with Dr. Reynolds was two and half years ago. On top of all the other TMD issues when Calah started, her teeth were terribly crowded and she had a bad overbite, Over time we could see some tremendous changes. It was amazing how the braces worked. We trusted everything that Dr. Reynolds decided. He event took it a bit further and helped with her gummy smile. It took a bit longer than we had hoped, but to see her gorgeous smile and self-confidence was worth it all. I cry just thinking about it today. Thank you, Dr. Reynolds, and you awesome office. Thank you to our dear friend, Michelle, whom we’ve gained through it all. You are all absolutely fabulous.


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